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When you need a doctor or specialist, use the exclusive online Premera Pulse provider search directory. Or let a trusted advisor recommend a high-quality provider near you and then book the appointment for you.

Only Premera Pulse gives you this enhanced search experience. It’s included with your Premera health plan so all of this is available at no extra cost to you.

After you activate your Premera Pulse account, simply sign in the next time you need to find a doctor or call Premera customer service at the number on the back of your Premera member ID card.

Book instantly with primary care doctors in select locations

Instantly book appointments with select primary care doctors in your health plan network. Same day and same week appointments are available.

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Save money on prescriptions

Get text alerts when you can save at least $100 on your prescriptions. Activate your Pulse account today so you don’t miss out on valuable savings!

Get a list of all your medications

Your medication history is all in one place. Show it to your doctors and pharmacists to make sure your care is well coordinated.

Get care notifications

Simplify your life by receiving text messages when it’s time for a flu shot or preventive exam.

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For questions related to your health plan benefits, please call the Premera customer service number found on the back of your Premera member ID card.

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